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Please find here contact details and information about the organizers. Please feel free to contact the organizers if any questions arise.

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Go upThe local organizers

Constanze Binder Constanze Binder

Conrad Heilmann Conrad Heilmann

Attilia Ruzzene Attilia Ruzzene

Go up Programme Committee

Albert J. J. Anglberger (Munich)
Constanze Binder (Rotterdam)
Karin Enflo (Uppsala)
Martin van Hees (Amsterdam)
Conrad Heilmann (Rotterdam)
John F. Horty (Maryland)
Fenrong Liu (Beijing)
Paul McNamara (New Hampshire)
Ittay Nissan (Jerusalem)
Olivier Roy (Bayreuth)

Go upSteering Committee of Formal Ethics Conference Series

Albert J.J. Anglberger (Munich), Constanze Binder (Rotterdam), Conrad Heilmann (Rotterdam), Paul McNamara (New Hampshire)

Testability and Meaning deco